Dear Customers!

I am Viktor Veres, I work as a solo artist in Békéscsaba. In 2010, I started engaging in wood carving and sculpture, specifically for internal motivation. I became acquainted with the use of woodcarving chisels on my own and with the difficulty and joy that comes with them.

To this day, my work is done by hand carving.

 My initial hobby level activity has now grown into an independent business.

In my work you can find reliefs, sculptures, portrait carvings, objects of use, as well as public works: human-sized sculptures, monuments, memorial columns, belfries, trees of life.

Most of my work consists of custom orders.

The goal of my business is to create more and more carved works to the delight of our customers. Furthermore, carved works should decorate our homes, surroundings and wider living space as widely as possible.

Veres Viktor Fafaragó


„A(z) Működési támogatási pályázat szakmai program megvalósítását 2020. évben
a Magyar Művészeti Akadémia támogatta.”

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